What is canyoning? Canyoning is an extreme adventurous activity which implies going through canyons. A canyon or a gorge is a deep valley formed between steep rock sides, usually carved by water activity or other forms of erosion. Canyons are often created in mountain or hilly regions, where there is untouched nature, forests, rivers and most of them are categorized as I class of natural resources under state’s protection. We can find natural obstacles in canyons, such as great rocks, turned down trees, waterfalls, natural pools and vertical cascades. All these represent a natural adventurous ground which can enable us an amazing experience in the heart of the untouched nature.

We will use various skills and techniques of hiking, such as climbing, crawling, climbing down the rope, walking through water, going through narrow passages, jumping into water and swimming.

Canyons can be easy or extremely demanding, but nevertheless it is a very extreme adventurous activity because canyons are located on very inaccessible terrains, and in case of injury evacuation is hindered or even impossible so WHEN WE ENTER A CANYON THERE IS NO WAY BACK.

One of the most important elements in canyoning is the equipment. We use a rope, carabiner, a figure 8, a helmet, neoprene suit and socks, climbing shoes or trainers with reinforced sole.

When is the best time for canyoning? Canyons are usually cold and wet areas, so beside the equipment we need good weather conditions for better enjoyment. Thus the time for canyoning is during warm months and in the warmest part of the day.

Depending on the difficulty of a canyon ( 1-10 scale ), canyonig is suitable for all ages, so we have prepared for you several canyoning tours.

River Rača canyon

River Rača canyon is on Tara mountain, on the territory of Bajina Bašta. It was formed by breaking Rača river through limestone rocks and at its end it empties into Drina river. The well-known Rača monastery from 13th century was named after this river.

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