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Drina Regatta

In the late 19th and early 20th century, the Drina River was supremely reigned by rafters who, on their rafts, daily mastered the capricious waves of the river Drina. They inspired awe with their rafting skill, boldness, and endurance.

The hundred years rafting was interrupted by construction of hydropower plant, and the famous Drina rafters had to leave their river and their profession. In an attempt to take away from oblivion at least part of this time, when there were hundreds of Drina rafters, Sports and tourism center "Bajina Bašta" organizes the "Drina Regatta" every year.

Drina Regatta is the oldest event of tourist - recreational character of the Drina river, which is held annually the third weekend in July.

Drina Regatta is the central tourist - recreational event that is supposed to present the tourist offer of this region. The Regatta is the most visited event in Western Serbia and central summer event on the water in the region. This happening on the river Drina, during three days, with a variety of content attracts tens of thousands of visitors from home and abroad.

Adventure club Serbia - within the Drina Regatta, for many years provides boats, skippers and all the accessories for individuals, smaller and larger groups, companies and other collectives.

Our years of experience, dedication and good equipment together with Your good mood, will make this event unforgettable and will make the Drina Regatta becomes a tradition to You.

This year the Drinska Regatta “Bajina Basta” will be held from 20th - 24th July, and whole program can be found on the official website of the Drina Regatta www.regata.rs.

The Drina Regatta “Ljubovija” is held on 09th July 2016.

Ljubovija Regatta 2016

On THIS link you can see our offer for Ljubovija Regatta 2016!

For any further information, please contact us. See you on the river!