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Kayaking is on the list of extreme sports far beyond the popular rafting. This high level of extremity kayak deserves primarily because of its structural and functional characteristics. Kayak is a small boat for 1 or 2 people, and because of the very low seating position kayaker achieved close and exciting contact with water. Kayaker fully controlled boat and only depends on him how to overcome fast mountain river full of huge rocks from which are deducted the icy waves, which raises the level of adrenaline to the maximum. Move your limits, try kayaking.

Kayak tours are held daily from April to October, you just need to contact us to reserve your place on the boat. See you on the river.

Drina Kajaking

The river Drina is valid as the most beautiful river in Serbia. Blue - green water along with wooded slopes of Tara are a paradise for the eyes, a beautiful waterfall of the river Vrelo is certainly an unusual sight. River House on the rock circled the whole world and is now at your fingertips. In the summer months there is rafting on the Drina, the Drina Regatta and the Spust Niz Drinu ('Sail Down the Drina'), in which all kinds of boats participate.

There are two "The Drina kayak adventures":

Drina Kayak Adventure 1

River Drina

Drina Kayak Adventure 2

River Drina