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Drina kayaking adventure 1

Drina kayaking adventure

The Drina river is 346 km long, and originates from the merging of the Tara and Piva at Scepan Polje in Montenegro. It flows through Montenegro,Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. The Drina is the largest tributary of the river Sava into which it flows near Sremska Raca. The Drina's course through Serbia is 220 km long. The raw power of the Drina has been tamed by dams and lakes (Visegrad, Perucac and Zvornik lakes), which has detracted from but not destroyed the beauty of the Drina's canyons. Three hydroelectric power stations has been built on the Drina: Visegrad, Bajina Basta and Zvornik.

Drina kayaking adventure 1

Experience an unforgettable adventure on the water, see beautiful waterfalls of the river Vrelo, feel the freshness of the river in the hot summer days, take a look at the wooded scenery while crossing the rapids or just relax in the extraordinary colors of the river Drina.

The Drina river belongs to the 1st and 2nd class of difficulty river, and is suitable for all ages and people with no previous experience in kayaking.

Before entering the water we are introduced to the equipment and how it is used in the safest possible way, with situations that can happen during a kayaking and treatment in the same manner.

Drina Kayaking Adventure 1 is held on the stretch Perucac- Rogačica /

Start is on the plateau below HP 'Bajina Basta', where we prepare the equipment for kayaking, get the basic instructions from the guide and slowly move down the river. After the start we visit the waterfall of the river Vrelo, where we take some photos and slowly continue downstream. After 3km from the start we enter the rapids 'Red Water', where we are going to feel the true power of the Drina river. At 13th km we pause on the town beach, to swim, use toilet, have a drink, and then we continue to the famous "House on the rock" and 1km below we finish our adventure on the Ploce beach.

Drina Kayaking Adventure – is, besides the given calendar - adventures calendar, available to you every working day and on weekends during the summer season, you are just to contact us and make a reservation for your seat on the boat.


All adventures are organized as tours with a guide, so besides the professional equipment, a professional guide is in charge for all members of kayak adventures.


You have to provide yourselves for food. It is advisable to bring: food for the whole day, some sweets, at least 1l of drinking water, juice. Alcohol is not allowed during the adventure. In agreement with members, we can provide for food during the activities.

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  • Kayak adventures are held from April to October.
  • Start: Hydropower plant ‘’Bajina Basta’’-Perucac
  • End: Ploce Beach-Bajina Basta
  • Length: 15km


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